Are Your Brakes Screeching for Help?

Are Your Brakes Screeching for Help?

Bring your car to our shop in Shreveport, LA for brake repair services

If you try to drive with damaged brakes, you're in a heap of trouble. Avoid compromising your safety and the safety of others by quickly getting a brake repair. A mechanic at Blanchard Auto Repair Inc. will assess the condition of your car and perform a thorough brake repair. When you choose our auto repair shop, you're making a wise decision.

Schedule your brake repair in Shreveport, LA immediately by calling 318-309-8144.

Investing in new brake pads could save your life

Brake pads play an important role in stopping your car. When they're damaged, they leave you vulnerable. Bring your car to an auto repair shop for a brake pad replacement if you notice:

  • Screeching noises coming from your brakes
  • Worn and extremely thin brake pads
  • A flashing brake warning indicator light
Schedule your auto care services in Shreveport, LA if you begin to notice any of the above signs.

If you're in Shreveport, LA, call now to schedule your brake pad replacement.