A Reliable Transmission Is Essential

A Reliable Transmission Is Essential

Lean on the transmission building experts of Shreveport, LA

The daunting flicker of the check engine light can send you into a spiral of stress. To avoid further trouble, call a qualified specialist in Shreveport, LA at the first sign of damage. Blanchard Auto Repair Inc. is proud to have an in-house mechanic who handles all transmission building. We know how expensive auto care is. That's why we offer quality services based on your budget.

Call 318-309-8144 today to schedule transmission building at our auto repair shop in Shreveport, LA and Bossier City, LA.

3 significant signs of transmission failure you can't ignore

Getting a transmission repair is one of the few auto care services you can't put off. Noticing the first signs of possible failure is key to preserving your transmission. If you begin to notice these signs, it's time to get a comprehensive car tune-up:

  1. Oil or fluid is leaking from under your car
  2. Your check engine light is flashing
  3. Shifting between gears is delayed
Bring your car into our shop in Shreveport, LA for your transmission repair.

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