Extend the Life of Your Car With Routine Care

Extend the Life of Your Car With Routine Care

Get a thorough car tune-up in Shreveport, LA and Bossier City, LA.

Despite the advancement of engines being controlled by a computer, a car tune-up is still an essential part of auto maintenance. By thoroughly checking your wires, filters and plugs, a mechanic at Blanchard Auto Repair Inc. will assess the condition of your vehicle.

Don't neglect your vehicle; schedule a car tune-up. Visit our auto repair shop in Shreveport, LA today.

Driving an unfit car is a major safety risk

Driving a car with flawed brakes or overused tires is like going to work with the flu. It makes your symptoms worse and impacts those around you. Bringing your vehicle in for professional auto care is imperative to keeping your car well-maintained. Our mechanic in Shreveport, LA will thoroughly inspect your vehicle to make sure it's fit for the road.

Call 318-309-8144 now to schedule your auto care service in Shreveport, LA. We specialize in everything from brake repair to transmission building.