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When you purchase a vehicle, you want to make sure it takes you around Shreveport, LA without a problem. Unfortunately, as much as you've invested in your car, issues are bound to arise. That's why it's so important to have a trustworthy mechanic on call. With Blanchard Auto Repair Inc., you'll receive more than just a mechanic. You'll work with a team of specialists who are dedicated to providing trustworthy solutions for your automotive needs. This includes auto airconditioning and heating repair 

Does your car need general auto care? Schedule an appointment with our mechanic in Shreveport, LA today. Your car is in good hands at our auto repair shop.

Transmission Building

Power your car with a durable transmission.

Transmission Building


The key to maintaining your car is consistent care.



Avoid accidents by replacing your damaged brakes.


Auto Heating & Air Conditioning

Let us repair your auto air conditioning and heat to improve your drive.

Auto Heating & Air Conditioning

Let our mechanic handle your auto repairs

Our auto repair shop is conveniently located in Shreveport, LA. We provide everything from brake repair to a thorough car tune-up. In fact, our in-house transmission building specialist has over 25 years of experience. Trust us to handle issues both small and large, like:


  • Trouble with your suspension system
  • A jammed or weak ignition
  • Insufficient fuel supply
  • Complex wiring and computer failure



Visit our Maintenance Tips page to learn more about quality auto care.


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